COCON; (Fr, noun) Ku-con, to protect

How much time do you lose stuck in traffic?

A motorbike sweeps past and you feel envious.

Then you realize that a motorcyclist can get wet/cold and be limited on what they can carry and you think, “if only someone invented an all-weather alternative”

Many have tried with so called narrow track vehicles.

Yet ALL are TOO WIDE to offer the one major advantage motorbikes enjoy, the ability to LANE SPLIT!

Welcome COCON, the Auto-Balancing Electric Vehicle.

An environmentally friendly, CAKE (CAr/biKE) that can lane filter like a motor bike, carry a passenger (or 3) plus your surfboards, mountain bikes, snow gear or even a kayak AND you ride in comfort!

COCON, a tribute to the past but built for your future.

With incentives in Europe , Asia,  USA and the rest of the world join us on the road to a greener today!